Ameri-Breast Breast Enhancer

Ameri-Breast Breast Enhancer
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Product Description


Ameri-Breast is formulated to:

  • help enhance breast fullness
  • help enhance breast firmness
  • help enlarge breast size
  • in normal healthy women.

Ameri-Breast was formulated as a natural breast enlargement - breast enhancement product using traditional herbs rich in phytoestrogens.

The size of your breast is controlled by the proper release of hormones during puberty and after. Also, for the body to maintain breast size requires the proper release of hormones. The main hormones involved in the growth and maintenance of the breast tissue are estrogen, progestrone, prolactin and corticosteriods. All of these hormones are normally released in the correct amounts causing the breast to grow to the average size, which normally is a "B" cup. However, all women are different and genetics play a major role in dictating how large a women's breast will grow.

The results of this breast enlargement product will vary from person to person, depending upon ones hormone levels and the number of empty receptor sites available for the phytoestrogens to bind to. As the female ages, the ovaries produce less estrogen, thus freeing up more receptors, which enhances the effectiveness of this breast enhancer product. Best results are obtained in ladies that have lost firmness and fullness in their breasts due to aging or breast feeding. Many reports of breast enhancement including increased firmness, fullness and enlargement being similar to its teenage properties and beyond in post puberty have been reported.

Ingredients Per 1 Softgel:
Saw Palmetto 85-95% extract - 160 mg
Wild Yam Extract 16% - 30 mg
Fenugreek 60 % Standardized - 20 mg
Fennel Seed 4:1 extract -40 mg

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